Chase Tucker

Chase Tucker - Fitness Coach


Purpose: Massively impact the world as a passionate catalyst for transformation in the health and lives of others.  

Mission: Act as an ambassador of health and fitness by celebrating and encouraging human movement, personal development and mindfulness. 



Growing up with two physicians for parents who thrust me into sports since age 4, I have always been surrounded and intrigued by the health and fitness since early childhood. Inspired by my parents and wanting to follow in their footsteps, I initially set out to become a doctor by embarking on the pre-medical in undergrad path. Throughout my experience, however, I came to realize that I was more passionate about the preventative healthcare and fitness side of medicine.

After the eye-opening experience of working at a physical therapy clinic, I discovered my passion for working with people to overcome obstacles that detrimentally affected their quality of life. It wasn't long after moving on that I found myself teaching group fitness classes, personal training, co-founding an online fitness business platform, and coaching people who thought they were too busy to be healthy. 

I haven't looked back since, and I strive everyday to further my mission:  to massively impact the world while helping others become the best version of themselves.




In an industry full of cookie-cutter programs, I aim to create a truly individualized system for you to make your fitness goals a reality. I will hand-write your program as if I were writing a story, equipping you (the protagonist) with the necessary tools and knowledge necessary  to creatively overcome the specific obstacles in the current chapter of your life.


virtual TRAINING

Gone are the days of you trudging through an hour-long workout at the gym. Now, all you need is 20 minutes and a wi-fi connection... I'll take care of the rest. Using evidence-based methods and mobile device/laptop, I'll provide you with constant motivation and short bursts of effective movements. We will keep your body from reaching any kind of plateau, allowing you to maximize your efforts in much less time. 


weekly check-ins

We will be in constant contact via text, email, and/or video chat. That way,  I can stay updated on your progress and provide you with motivation at just the right moment to help keep you on track.



Upon acceptance into the transformation program, you'll automatically be added into my private online group of any like-minded professionals I'm currently coaching. Together, we'll all make small, consistent wins to conquer the similar demons and reach similar goals.



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Allison Duke

Allison Duke

"Cannot recommend Chase enough!! Worked with Chase 4 months before wedding and loved every session."

Brett Young

Brett Young

Brett Young - Country Music Artist  and Former Coaching Client



"Chase is AMAZING!! His workouts are challenging but do-able and always fun and rewarding at the same time. He has taught me to push myself physically and mentally more than I ever have. His energy is so infectious, he is always positive and encouraging. If you don't feel like an athlete prior to your workout session, he will make you feel like one when your workout is done! Chase has a vast knowledge on exercise physiology and truly listens to your needs and will go the extra mile to help assist you in meeting your goals. If you have specific fitness goals, whether it be weight loss or gain muscle mass, or just want to switch up your training, I highly recommend Chase Tucker. You won't be disappointed!"

JT Hodges

JT Hodges

JT Hodges - Country Music Artist and Former Coaching Client



"If I could give Chase 10 stars I would! He's always early for appointments and I swear he creates music playlists specifically for me! Work outs are HARD, fast and hit muscles that I didn't know I had. Don't book a session with him if you're not prepared to WORK, commit and transform your current health plan. Oh, and he's a cheerleader; clapping and yelling "YOU can do it" through reps. :)"

Brandon Chase

Brandon Chase

"I've had quite a few trainers, but none of them compare to Chase. He designs every workout to accomplish your specific fitness goals. He also helped me understand how I can maximize my progress by setting parameters for a healthy diet. In a short amount of time I've seen better results than I ever have before. I would highly recommend Chase to anyone who is looking to get in shape and to get healthy."



"Chase is an excellent trainer. He pushes me to my full potential during the workouts. I feel better physically and mentally after. I have not only seen results in my physique but also had a mental shift in a healthier lifestyle thanks to his coaching!!"



"Great trainer. Pushed me to do more than I normally do, and he is very knowledgeable. I would recommend Chase for all of your fitness goals."



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